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These five behaviors in the summer hurt the kidney

2017-08-24 16:28

It is self-evident importance on the health of the kidney, especially when the human kidney can take a The new supersedes the old., partial absorption of nutrients and discharge of waste work. This is an important part of health, many people are aware of this, but ignored the renal protection. Especially in the hot summer, a lot of behavior people will give kidney imperceptibly damage. So, what behavior will bring damage to the kidney?

1, do not pay attention to add water. The hot summer weather, when people are engaged in outdoor activities is very easy to sweat, if do not pay attention to the water supply, the body will lead to dehydration, reduced renal blood flow, causing kidney damage, can also cause serious acute renal failure and other diseases.

2, sweat Tanliang. Many people love to eat cold or cold shower mouth when sweating, feel very comfortable, but these actions will make the body rapid cooling, to cause renal vasoconstriction caused by renal ischemia, it is easy to cause damage to the kidney.

3, air conditioning blowing too long. In order to cope with the hot weather, some people hold "untouchables, hide up" mentality, long-term stay in air-conditioned room temperature is low, but this behavior will also damage the kidney, because long-term air conditioning will trigger a series of air conditioning disease (the air conditioning disease). Which led to the original attack or occult nephropathy of kidney disease exacerbations.

4, hot temper, bad mood. In the scorching sun of summer, many people's temper has become hot, but do not know the hot temper will raise blood pressure, the same may lead to kidney damage

5, suspend the medication does not return. Many people are not willing to go out in the summer, even in the home stay for a day, so many patients with chronic kidney disease, because the symptoms are not obvious, they often feel good, then to the hospital to visit, even bother to buy medicine, which led to kidney disease.

So, how to protect the kidney in the summer? It will start from the good habits, such as we should be optimistic and open-minded attitude, adhere to a balanced diet, replenish moisture, keep a regular schedule. In addition, for patients with chronic kidney disease, suggested that must follow the professional doctor to adhere to medication, regular hospital referral, must not be negligent.


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