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Expert: What are the precautionary measures for renal cysts?

2017-07-15 17:08

With the increasing of renal cysts, many people have begun to ask our experts of renal cyst preventive measures, we all know that renal cyst brings harm is great, so what do you do to make the preventive measures of renal cyst?
In winter sweat and toxins are excreted less and the burden on the kidneys is greater than in other seasons. Nephritis, hypertension renal cyst, uremia and other chronic renal cyst patients tend to deteriorate. How can prevent the aggravation of kidney cyst, safety passes winter? Three aspects of prevention should be done well.
Have a cold is one of the most important factors that cause kidney damage in patients with renal cyst. People suffering from chronic nephritis may cause recurrence and aggravation of the kidney on the same day or the next day. Acute nephritis generally easy to appear in the cold after 10-14 days, symptoms showed edema, hematuria, renal function will be found if the test, serum creatinine and urea nitrogen increased rapidly. Many patients suffering from chronic nephritis after have the cold, and many patients with renal cyst is found in the cold.
There are many patients with renal cyst cold belongs to the occult type, this is reduced due to the body's immune function, does not appear to have a fever headache and other obvious symptoms of a cold, only afraid of cold wind, throat itching and pain and slight discomfort, these are often not easy to cause patients to pay attention to, but in fact the kidney damage is also very serious. Experts suggest that in patients with renal cyst must prevent colds, such as cold after edema, hematuria and other symptoms must go to the hospital. Some patients suffering from uremia, diabetes and other renal cysts should pay more attention. In addition to the cold, another major cause of kidney cysts and aggravating factors is improper diet, excessive intake of protein.
In patients with chronic kidney cysts, it is easy to cause excess renal cysts in the winter due to excessive intake of protein. At first may appear after eating and drinking appetite is not good, many people mistake the digestive system may go wrong, will go to the Department of Gastroenterology clinic. In fact, anemia, high blood pressure, edema, lumbar acid may be the precursor of kidney disease. Therefore, patients with renal cyst in a time to think more about their health, high protein, high fat foods to eat less, especially poor renal function, more attention should be paid to.
After reading the above experts, I believe that everybody will know it, if you still do not understand the problem or to consult other questions, can consult our online experts, experts will give you a more detailed answer.

Expert: What are the precautionary measures for renal cysts?
Expert: What are the precautionary measures for renal cysts?

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