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Renal cyst surgery how to do infection?

2017-06-24 11:37

Kidney cyst surgery how to do? Is not all of the renal cysts need renal cyst surgery? Of course not, according to the specific circumstances of the patient. Through the surgical cases found that some renal cyst surgery on the patient's condition played a very good role in improving. But some effect in general. So if the kidney disease experts suggest that if you can through other means of treatment of renal cysts, it is better not to choose the method of renal cyst surgery. So that the body is too much damage. Here we come together to see what specific circumstances for renal cyst surgery.

Renal cysts rupture and hemorrhage, can not be self-repair, and may lead to abdominal infection of renal cysts larger cysts (generally greater than 6CM) drug treatment 6 months to 1 year or after multiple puncture, the symptoms did not reduce the renal cyst Uncontrolled, the disease continues to develop, the need for renal cyst surgery. Renal cyst cysts within a large number of enemy blood, can not be optional absorber, you can consider through renal cyst surgery for treatment. Renal cyst cysts within the serious infection, suppuration, can be treated by renal cysts, renal cysts have malignant tendencies, polycystic kidney disease caused by refractory hypertension (malignant hypertension), conservative treatment can not control, renal cyst Capsule (kidney) to reverse, can not be reset, severe hematuria, conservative treatment can not stop bleeding can also try to renal cyst surgery.

Renal cyst surgery has a certain efficacy, but also there is a certain risk, renal cyst patients should be based on their specific circumstances, as appropriate choice. So the renal cysts do not surgery there are other ways? Recommended traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy, treatment of congenital polycystic kidney disease can not only quickly treat the incidence of renal function has been seriously affected polycystic kidney disease, and with the same principle, but also to promote The blood vessels on the wall of the expansion, to speed up the local blood circulation; quickly take the capsule fluid at the same time, inhibition of the wall epithelial cells continue to secrete, reduce the formation of intracapsular fluid, only the two aspects of the role of the capsule can be reduced, Intracapsular pressure is reduced, to promote cysts continue to shrink, reduce the oppression of renal tissue. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy, not only to treat polycystic kidney damage, but also to prevent cysts increased and no longer rapid increase, reduce the damage to the kidney, delay the progress of the disease, or even progress.

Renal cyst surgery how to do infection?

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