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Tongshantang:What are the symptoms of left renal cysts?

2017-05-30 10:51

In recent years, people suffering from renal cyst nephropathy more and more people, to the health of the body great harm. So patients with hypertensive nephropathy should  timely to the hospital for treatment, then what symptoms will occur in hypertensive nephropathy? Here we come to a simple understanding of the symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy.

What are the symptoms of left renal cysts?

1. waist, abdomen discomfort or pain: the reason is due to kidney enlargement and expansion, so that increased renal capsule tension, kidney pedicle by pulling, or caused by the adjacent organs pressure. In addition, the kidneys due to polycystic water content, become heavy, falling traction, can also cause pain in the waist. Pain is characterized by pain, dull pain, fixed on one or both sides, to the lower and lower back radiation. If there is hemorrhage or secondary infection, then the pain suddenly increased. Such as the merger of stones or bleeding clots blocked urinary tract, there may be renal colic.

2. hematuria: can be expressed as microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria. The episode is cyclical. When the onset of back pain often exacerbated, strenuous exercise, trauma, infection can be induced or aggravated. The cause of bleeding is because there are many arteries below the wall, due to increased pressure or combined infection, so that the wall of blood vessels due to excessive traction and bleeding.

3. Abdominal mass: sometimes for the patient the main reason for treatment, 60 ~ 80% can reach the swelling of the kidney. The greater the kidney, the worse the kidney function.

What are the symptoms of left renal cysts? These are some common clinical symptoms of left renal cysts, if you have other questions, you can always consult online experts, one to one communication, experts to answer your questions.

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