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 The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.The kidneys' function are to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

  • Diet taboos in patients with nephrotic syndrome

    Date:2017-04-04 11:40:52

    Low fat diet, intake of 1 patients in the diet should pay attention to low fat food choices, because of nephrotic syndrome often have hyperlipidemia, the blood viscosity, this can cause arteriosclerosis and glomerular injury, and atheroscle...

  • The three stages of renal integrated therapy

    Date:2017-04-04 11:38:23

    The principle of the treatment of all nephrotic syndrome is consistent, that is, adhere to the principle of the beginning of the amount of foot, reduce the slow, maintaining a long treatment time, the general principles. So this principle s...

  • What are the errors in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome?

    Date:2017-04-04 11:30:55

    What are the errors in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome? In the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, the most important thing is to use drugs for treatment. The use of drug treatment will have a lot of attention, due to the causes of nephrot...

  • Impotence premature ejaculation self diagnosis method, to de

    Date:2017-04-04 10:49:05

    Impotence premature ejaculation self diagnosis method, to deal with impotence premature ejaculation to check Impotence premature ejaculation believe that we have heard, this is the most common male sexual dysfunction in a situation, we say...

  • What is the difference between nephrotic syndrome and uremia

    Date:2017-04-04 10:48:09

    What is the difference between nephrotic syndrome and uremia The most obvious manifestation of nephrotic syndrome is abnormal urine and edema. Had nephrotic syndrome tend to become very worried, afraid of uremia, so the nephrotic syndrome a...

  • How nephrotic syndrome is diagnosed Confusing disease with n

    Date:2017-04-04 10:42:09

    How nephrotic syndrome is diagnosed Confusing disease with nephrotic syndrome Nephrotic syndrome is not an independent disease, in the clinical emergence of nephrotic syndrome, most of the proteinuria will also cause hypoproteinemia, but al...

  • What nephrotic syndrome patients should pay attention to?

    Date:2017-04-04 10:40:37

    A, nephrotic syndrome protein negative, no edema patients diet: 1, staple food intake: steamed bread, rice and other normal dietary intake 2, sodium intake: according to normal taste or light diet 3, high quality protein intake: according t...

  • The principles of children's kidney feeding

    Date:2017-02-16 16:31:57

    1, children with nephrotic syndrome patients to limit salt diet: on edema or hypertension is suitable for low salt diet, daily salt 1 ~ 3G, or with low sodium salt, Chinese medicine salty autumn stone can also be used as a low salt diet, me...

  • The complications of nephrotic syndrome

    Date:2014-03-22 16:39:20

    1、Infection: due to a lot of immune globulin is lost from urine, the decreased of plasma protein, influence the formation of antibody. The application of adrenal cortex hormone and cytotoxic drugs decrease systemic resistance, easy to hav...

  • Clinical symptoms for nephrotic syndrome in early stage

    Date:2014-03-22 16:17:36

    Nephrotic syndrome is a disease with big harm, many patients have kidney disease. The reasons to cause nephrotic syndrome due to many patients didnt know the clinical symptoms for nephrotic syndrome in early stage, cause to aggravate diseas...

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