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Can kidney syndrome eat soy sauce?Nephrotic syndrome diet

2017-04-12 13:27

Nephrotic syndrome can eat soy sauce? Nephrotic syndrome diet. Nephrotic syndrome itself is a serious disease, if the patient is not effective for a long time, there may be kidney failure, and even uremia. Nephrotic syndrome patients in addition to timely and reasonable treatment, should pay more attention to diet, nephrotic syndrome, drug treatment often need to understand a good adjuvant therapy.

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Patients with nephrotic syndrome are often associated with symptoms of hyperlipidemia, mild lesions can improve short-term intake of fat is not restricted, but for patients with long-term hyperlipidemia, membranous nephropathy nephrotic syndrome can lead to atherosclerosis, patients should Restricted foot fat and rich animal fat. Choose low-fat foods.

In many patients' lives, eating salted foods such as ducks, salted eggs and pickles forbidden to eat, the patient has obvious edema, should be prohibited or even contain sodium salt foods (such as alkaline hair, bread salty cake) Baking soda is forbidden to eat soy sauce, which is the patient who needs to condemn the patient's body as soon as the intake of soy sauce is not good.

Nephrotic Syndrome Diet should limit kidney irritation foods such as pepper, mustard, etc., so need to reduce consumption, should be rich in vitamin A, C foods of high calorie foods, less sugar intake on severe nephrotic syndrome edema And oliguria should be appropriate to limit moisture. Need to pay attention to diet or a lot.

Above is about kidney disease syndrome can eat soy sauce diet knowledge, nephrotic syndrome patients should pay attention to nutritional diet, so for patients need to pay attention to a lot, to maintain a positive attitude to face the disease, we should pay attention to the appropriate exercise is appropriate Necessary and reasonable, under the guidance of a doctor, nephrotic syndrome treatment will be very good.

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