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Dietary Principle for Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-12-09 11:36

Nephrotic syndrome patients need to pay attention to what in the diet? Nephrotic patients unhealthy eating habits is a serious obstacle to kidney disease rehabilitation, therefore, patients with kidney disease to correct their own unhealthy eating habits, to avoid affecting their own rehabilitation. So, what are the dietary principles of patients with nephrotic syndrome?

First, pay attention to protein intake, kidney disease patients often have a lot of proteinuria, a large number of protein loss, so that patients with malnutrition, will increase the patient's condition, the patient is very negative recovery, so the diet should pay attention to add protein, But must pay attention to the principle of giving a higher quality protein diet.

Second, add trace elements, with the production of proteinuria, patients prone to malnutrition and the loss of various trace elements, resulting in the body of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other elements of lack of, so patients should pay attention to trace elements.

Third, the control of sodium intake, edema is a common symptom of patients with nephrotic syndrome, if the body increased sodium content will increase the edema, so patients with kidney disease should control the intake of salt. Patients should be banned pickled food, less use of MSG and alkali, edema subsided, plasma protein close to normal, can restore the ordinary diet.

In the treatment to improve the glomerular filtration membrane barrier function, reduce urine protein, correct pathophysiological abnormalities, prevent or delay the process of renal fibrosis, protect the kidney function, re-regulate the body's immune function to the body to produce a huge super-self Repair capacity, to speed up their metabolism and repair, Quyu new, adjust the yin and yang, improve renal pathological changes, so as to protect the remaining kidney units, and is suffering from the destruction of the kidney unit from the fundamental to be treated.

What are the dietary principles of patients with nephrotic syndrome? Above is the details of the diet principle of patients with nephrotic syndrome. If you have any questions, please contact our online doctor.

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