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How to detect early nephrotic syndrome

2017-12-09 11:35

Nephrotic syndrome early symptoms are not very easy to detect, resulting in patients can not be treated in time, delay the disease, then what is the symptoms of early nephrotic syndrome?

1, the patient will appear symptoms of low back pain

Low back pain is one of the most overlooked symptoms of patient friends, most patients will think that back pain is due to work and life stress, fatigue caused. In fact there is no clear cause of the back pain, should be promptly to the hospital to check the kidneys, spine and back muscles.

2, the patient's urine output will change, or high or low

When the patient's kidney abnormalities, the patient's urine output will change, normal people, the daily urine output is about 4-8 times. If there is no fever, a lot of sweating, a lot of water, etc., urine volume suddenly increased or suddenly increased, it should go to the hospital to do the relevant checks to see if it is not got nephrotic syndrome.

3, patients with urine, there will be more foam

Which increase the bubble in the urine of the excretion of protein, is likely to be typical of proteinuria, which is typical symptoms of nephrotic syndrome. Namely: renal proteinuria.

4, some patients will be edema

After the patient gets up, eyelids or face will occur more than the phenomenon of edema, afternoon more subsided. If too tired will make edema increased, after the break will be reduced. Severe edema will appear in the medial ankle, lower limbs, lumbosacral and so on.

5, the patient's urine will change color

The patient's urine will appear some discoloration, thick brown, washed meat, soy sauce or urine is very muddy, such as Taomi water samples, this time should be immediately treated.

Once found the patient's body have the symptoms then should early to the  hospital to check, for early detection, early treatment. If you have questions about the kidneys, please contact our online experts and our experts will reply you as soon as possible .

If you have other kidney problems that can be viewed on other web pages, you can also consult online, or in your email,, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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