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Causes of nephrotic syndrome recurrence

2017-11-12 16:13

As we all know, kidney disease is not good treatment, a lot of kidney disease are difficult to cure, to patients with serious threats to life, nephrotic syndrome is also a recurrence of the phenomenon, the reasons for recurrence is many, which is with the patient's treatment Improper is also a great relationship, leading to relapse of nephrotic syndrome What are the reasons?

1, psychological disorder is too large

There are a lot of people now will be more or less some psychological stress, and these psychological disorders will bring serious harm to everyone, especially for patients with nephrotic syndrome, psychological stress is relatively large, not well maintained Mentality, poor quality of sleep can also cause nephrotic syndrome recurrence.

2, the side effects of drugs

Some patients in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome during the use of some drugs, taking the period, the patient's symptoms will gradually subsided, if the withdrawal or reduction of drugs, it will lead to the recurrence of the disease. Therefore, patients should be cautious and strictly prescribed when taking drugs.

3, excessive fatigue

In patients with life if the patient is dirty, irregular diet, life, so prone to cold, diarrhea, etc., it is easy to cause infection, which led to nephrotic syndrome in patients with recurrent disease. So in terms of patients should be a reasonable life, develop good habits.

The above is the cause of relapse in patients with nephrotic syndrome, patients in the treatment, family members to support treatment to reduce the psychological pressure on patients to ensure that the state of mind in the treatment of disease, patients taking certain drugs, you should consult with yourself Of the attending physician, strictly in accordance with the doctor's advice for medication, and referral on time, timely review to avoid recurrence of the disease, causing greater losses, if the patient's body discomfort symptoms, must be promptly to the hospital for examination to avoid the delay of treatment of the disease If you still need to know more about kidney disease needs to know in detail, you can consult our online experts, our experts will be based on the actual situation of patients, give the most professional guidance.

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