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Nephrotic syndrome proteinuria hazards

2017-11-12 16:11

Nephrotic syndrome is a highly edema, a large number of proteinuria, hyperlipidemia, hypoproteinemia, "three high and one low" typical clinical manifestations. Among them, a large number of proteinuria is an indispensable diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome. Changes in the permeability of the glomerular filtration membrane is the basic cause of proteinuria during nephrotic syndrome. In the case of disease, the negative charge barrier of the filtration membrane is impaired, the mechanical barrier allows the integrity of the filtration membrane structure and function been destroyed. A large number of protein loss by the urine of patients what harm?

First, nephrotic syndrome, long-term, large amounts of proteinuria will lead to a large number of plasma protein loss, resulting in hypoproteinemia. There are also the following effects:

First, hyperlipidemia and hypoalbuminemia is positively correlated, manifested as blood viscosity, and promote thrombosis, embolic complications, will also increase the cardiovascular complications and may promote glomerular sclerosis and renal tubules The occurrence of interstitial lesions and promote chronic renal disease progression.

Second, reduce immune globulin caused by low immunity, easy to cause infection;

Third, the loss of metal-binding protein can lead to the lack of trace elements;

Fourth, the decrease of drug-binding protein may affect the pharmacokinetics of certain drugs, affecting drug efficacy;

Fifth, endocrine protein deficiency can induce endocrine disorders;

Finally, children with minimal disease often nephrotic syndrome, a large number of proteinuria is mainly due to damage to the glomerular filtration membrane barrier caused. Parents must pay attention to the importance of long-term hypoproteinemia in children will lead to malnutrition in patients, affecting the patient's growth and development, physical and psychological impact on patients unhealthy.

These are the nephrotic syndrome proteinuria hazards, if the body symptoms of discomfort, we must promptly to the regular hospital for examination, in order to ensure timely treatment for one-time cure, if you have knowledge of kidney disease need to be detailed Understand, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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