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Nephrotic syndrome causes infectious disease

2017-11-11 17:12

Nephrotic syndrome is a serious nephropathy, leading to many causes of nephrotic syndrome, in which infectious diseases and nephrotic syndrome is closely related to many patients with nephrotic syndrome was not the initial incidence of nephrotic syndrome, but some infectious diseases , Then what infectious diseases can lead to nephrotic syndrome?

Bacteria or viruses are the causative agent of common infectious diseases that are usually cured by the use of antibacterial or antiviral drugs. However, if the treatment of these diseases is not timely or incomplete, the bacteria may be transferred from the original site to the kidneys, causing kidney inflammation, eventually leading to nephrotic syndrome. Common infectious diseases that may lead to nephrotic syndrome are respiratory infections, pharyngitis, urinary tract infections, tuberculosis and the like.

Respiratory tract infection is the most common, due to the incidence of the main parts of the lungs, lung blood vessels and blood circulation is extremely rich, bacteria can easily enter the blood through the blood vessels of the lungs, with the blood circulation to the kidneys, kidney disease caused by reproduction in the kidney; Urinary tract infection If inflammation is poorly controlled, a retrograde infection occurs, which means that the infection spreads from the lower end of the urinary tract to the upper end, causing an inflammatory change of the kidney when it affects the kidneys; tuberculosis's primary injury to the kidneys is renal tuberculosis, Kidney since the cut-off and renal insufficiency and other diseases.

Inflammatory changes in the kidneys caused by infection may lead to nephrotic syndrome. Therefore, active treatment of infectious diseases should be carried out, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome.

The above is the introduction of infectious diseases caused by nephrotic syndrome, if the patient's symptoms of discomfort, we must promptly to the hospital for examination, in order to avoid missing the best treatment time, causing unnecessary losses, if you still have Need to understand in detail, you can consult our online experts, our experts will be based on the severity of the patient to give the most professional guidance.

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