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Why nephrotic syndrome can cause edema

2017-11-11 17:10

Nephrotic syndrome is a series of nephropathy problems collectively, and the most typical symptom is when the disease, the patient will have the problem of edema. So, why nephrotic syndrome edema? Here, by our hospital experts, to everyone for knowledge popularization.

Experts said nephrotic syndrome edema is very common, mainly in patients with nephrotic syndrome and low protein blood.

Low protein blood syndrome is a manifestation of nephrotic syndrome, human plasma albumin concentration is very low, can not maintain normal physiological function, low protein blood not only affects the body's demand for protein, but also the body of other Function also has a serious impact.

Due to the excretion of a large amount of proteinuria, resulting in low protein blood levy, decreased blood protein, will lead to the outflow of water in the plasma, in the organization and body cavity sniping, resulting in human edema, the plasma water spill into the blood, blood The water capacity will be reduced, the effective blood circulation will be insufficient, so the blood will reduce the water will lead to high blood, easy to form snow cream, leading to renal ischemia, aggravating the condition of patients with nephrotic syndrome.

Patients with nephrotic syndrome have hypoalbuminemia and the chances of taking the drug and protein in the patient's treatment are diminished. As a result, they can not be adequately absorbed by the body and have an effect on the body, resulting in the release of the drug in the blood and the accumulation of many drugs Together, can lead to increased blood levels of drugs, increased toxicity.

Prevent edema, active treatment

For nephrotic syndrome, there is no better treatment, the best is to take adequate treatment of patients with nephrotic syndrome, to reduce the possibility of edema, and can reduce the edema of the disease. Patients with a number of immune drugs to treat. Nephrotic syndrome Although the difficulty of treatment is great, but absolutely can not give up treatment, only adhere to the treatment can reduce the harm of nephrotic syndrome.

This is just some advice on how nephrotic syndrome can lead to edema and aggressive treatment. If you have any knowledge of the kidneys, or if you do not know anything about it, you can consult our online experts, our experts Reply to you as soon as possible.

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