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What are the symptoms of renal failure?

2017-11-10 18:32

Renal failure to the human body caused by the harm, for the patient, should pay close attention to the treatment of renal failure. Medical experts pointed out that when the patients with renal failure above these symptoms, the first time the patient should be sent to the kidney hospital, because these need to take some medical rescue, if the rescue is not timely, then give the patient generation life The threat.

First, kidney failure can cause digestive diseases

For renal failure, the general will cause thirst to patients, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms, which is a serious symptom of digestive diseases, severe renal failure patients with epistaxis or gastrointestinal bleeding. So for patients should be concerned about the strengthening of renal failure care work.

Second, renal failure can cause cardiovascular disease

For patients with renal failure, with the progression of the disease, blood pressure will be increased in varying degrees, and finally developed into high blood pressure. And long-term high blood pressure, will make the patient's accumulation of uremic toxins, water, electrolytes and other disorders, to patients with serious injury. To the patient caused by the cardiovascular system of some diseases, so for patients with renal failure should be more attention.

Third, renal failure can cause hematopoietic system diseases

Most patients with renal failure are anemia, which is mainly due to the patient's renal hematopoietic function weakened, erythropoietin decreased, resulting in anemia. And this anemia will cause the accumulation of uremic toxins in patients and erythrocyte life of the carboxylic acid and malnutrition and other factors. To bring serious harm to patients.

Fourth, renal failure can cause neurological diseases

For early renal failure patients generally have headache, memory loss, inattention, fatigue and other symptoms. Late patients will appear drowsiness, confusion, muscle fibrillation and other symptoms. These are due to the nervous system caused by the disease, so for patients with renal failure should be more attention in the nerves.

5, renal failure can cause respiratory diseases

Renal failure accompanied by dry cough, nasal odor symptoms, which is affected with pulmonary edema or heart failure after failure, breathing more difficult, not supine, paroxysmal, spasmodic cough, cough white foam.

6, renal failure can cause urinary system diseases

Renal failure early and mid-term, there are a lot of foam-like urine, late nocturia increased, the proportion of urine is low, often fixed at around 1.010. At this point, not only the size of the kidneys shrink, and most patients began to gradually reduce the amount of urine so that no urine. Of course, urine output from increasing to reduced to anuria, need a process, ranging from 1-2 years.

What are the symptoms of renal failure


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