Children's nephrotic syndrome is easy to repeat

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Children's nephrotic syndrome is easy to repeat

2017-11-10 18:30

Children with nephrotic syndrome after traditional treatment is easy to repeat, which is the child's nephrotic syndrome is one of the important factors of refractory. Nephrotic syndrome after treatment of clinical symptoms in the application of hormones and other drugs are also easy to control, but the disease is easy to repeat it is the most difficult treatment problems. "Cure will find roots", why nephrotic syndrome after treatment easy to repeat?

1, hormone therapy nephrotic syndrome "temporary solution failed to cure"

In the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, can not say that hormones and other Western medicine no effect. Needless to say hormone treatment of nephrotic syndrome in a short time can effectively eliminate symptoms, such as protein, occult blood and so on. But to note that the hormone is not a temporary solution, simply blocking protein, blocking the blood can only temporarily control the disease, but not for the cause - damaged kidney tissue for treatment. A kidney disease hospital has been advocated without hormones, multi-target treatment of nephrotic syndrome, from the pathological damage repair and kidney conditioning conditioning, clinical investigation found that most patients with nephrotic syndrome can achieve better treatment, kidney disease recurrence rate was significantly reduced.

2, children susceptible to infection, cold lead to exacerbations

Nephrotic patients generally decline in their own resistance, easy to infection, cold. And children are in the growth period, the body of the organization has not yet mature, vulnerable to disease intrusion, children with kidney disease in the face of external virus is helpless, so easily lead to colds, infection increased disease.

Treatment, the children with nephrotic syndrome, parents also pay attention to what?

First, children with nephrotic syndrome should not be tired, parents should always pay attention.

Children's self-restraint ability is poor, from the hospital home will feel very fresh, easy to play too tired, lack of sleep, parents should pay special attention to arrange the child's schedule, as much as possible to get full rest.

Second, children with nephrotic syndrome, small patients should not eat more salt food.

Diet should pay attention to less salt, blood pressure has not been reduced to the normal children, this is very important. But the salt and salt will affect the appetite, it is appropriate to use low-salt diet. In the swelling and high blood pressure disappeared, can improve the general diet, but also light, not salty. Bread and soda biscuits also contain sodium, it is best not to give children to eat. Can let the children eat some fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement the body of vitamins.

Third, children should not wear clothes for a long time to wear. Infection is often the cause of kidney disease relapse. Often bath changing clothes, keep the skin clean, to prevent skin infections.

Fourth, children should not go to public places. To keep the indoor air fresh, try not to bring their children to stores, cinemas and other public places. Pay attention to change according to climate change clothes, prevent colds.

Fifth, should not be casually reduced or withdrawal. Treatment of kidney disease in your insistence, parents should urge the child on time according to the amount of medication, must not be free to reduce and withdrawal, so as to avoid repeated illness.

Children's nephrotic syndrome is easy to repeat

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