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Common nephrotic syndrome prevention measures how effective

2017-09-28 17:22

Now the community, people are more and more awareness of the prevention of nephrotic syndrome, then, from which aspects to start the best prevention of nephrotic syndrome? To help you understand the answer to this question, the experts introduced the common Nephrotic syndrome prevention measures and their therapeutic effect.

1, tonsillitis, otitis media, sinusitis, dental caries should be timely diagnosis and treatment. Pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the skin clean and prevent skin infections. Pay attention to rest, avoid too tired. To prevent cold or upper respiratory tract infection. This is the prevention of nephrotic syndrome.

2, the prevention of nephrotic syndrome, but also to avoid taking a class of antipyretic analgesics and other drugs that damage kidney function. But also often check the urine, such as urinary red blood cells per high power field more than 10, to bed rest.

3, swollen obvious, a large number of proteinuria and normal renal function may be appropriate to add protein diet. No edema and hypoproteinemia, the appropriate intake of protein, mainly to light diet. This also belongs to the prevention of nephrotic syndrome.

In general, these methods of prevention only to adhere to the long-term to achieve good results, otherwise, can only be less effective, but also please friends!........ In the life attention to prevent the details, and adhere to practice, side effects.

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