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 The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.The kidneys' function are to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

  • Female uremia

    Date:2017-06-27 14:12:21

    Womens physical quality as a whole is not as good as men, so in ancient men is also the main force to bear social responsibility. It is because the female body is relatively weak, it is also very easy to suffer from some diseases. Which ure...

  • Uremia of the four high incidence of people

    Date:2017-06-27 14:10:23

    Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital kidney disease experts mainly for uremic special topic for everyone to do a deep introduction, perhaps many people hear the word uremia, heart is shudder, in this, to tell you that uremia is not a Is a s...

  • What is the disease?

    Date:2017-06-27 14:09:36

    If there is still someone asked uremia this disease is not serious, which shows that this person is too little understanding of kidney disease, you know? Uremia is a kidney disease which is second only to kidney cancer, there is no good tre...

  • What are the complications of uremic patients after dialysis

    Date:2017-06-27 14:08:54

    Uremia we should have some understanding, even if life has not seen, but should also be seen from the TV, uremia is more painful and not easy to cure a disease, the following for everyone to introduce about uremia What are the complications...

  • Why uremic patients with chest tightness and rapid performan

    Date:2017-06-27 14:08:06

    For uremic patients, their own tend to appear some of the corresponding symptoms, these symptoms are the appropriate treatment, we should understand some of the knowledge. In fact, most uremic patients will appear some chest tightness and a...

  • Uremic patients how to stop pain

    Date:2017-06-27 14:07:32

    Today, the incidence of uremia is very high, up to a few years old, the next few years old children, are the disease in the move crowd. Although the medical level has been made considerable progress, but in the treatment of uremia has not a...

  • Which people are prone to uremia

    Date:2017-06-27 14:06:32

    Many friends have said that you want to understand the type of uremia disease which people are susceptible to the disease. Uremic for peoples dangers is growing, because more and more friends with the disease, we all began to pay attention...

  • What is the effect of uremia on cardiovascular

    Date:2017-06-27 14:05:12

    Uremia have any effect on cardiovascular, uremia incidence in our country every year in the population of the new uremic patients occurred about 100, most of them young adults, seriously affecting peoples health and safety. Many people do n...

  • Why is uremia?

    Date:2017-06-27 14:04:25

    In recent years, people suffering from uremia more and more, of which there are a variety of reasons. Uremia to peoples health to bring great harm to the body, so patients not only timely treatment, to understand the cause is also very impo...

  • Can uremia be infected?

    Date:2017-06-27 14:03:40

    In todays society, the number of uremic patients is increasing year by year. Uremia is a disease of advanced kidney disease, it is easy to endanger the lives of patients. Therefore, experts said that after the discovery of symptoms associat...

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