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Uremic patients should arrange reasonable exercise

2018-02-10 17:12

For peritoneal dialysis patients, the main reason for poor body function is the lack of exercise, and moderate exercise can improve the damaged kidney function .

More importantly, the data show that 50% of uremic patients died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications, and a small number of exercise can effectively reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications. Effective and appropriate exercise can also help uremic patients reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis, promote digestion and absorption, improve their mental health and quality of life, moderate exercise also help to improve their return to normal life possible.

Patients with uremia should avoid anaerobic exercise

 Blindly choosing of exercise for uremic patients also cause harm to health.

Compared with the normal population, the body movement characteristics are usually shown as poor coordination ability, poor tolerance, poor exercise, etc., if the intense adversity exercise or anaerobic exercise may appear chest tightness, vomiting and other phenomena, due to its compensation function is not good, too intense but will be difficult to tolerate, thereby increasing the condition.

Uremic patients have a lot of exercise precautions, simply list a few principles are as follows:

1. Exercise should start from the light physical exercise, generally less than 50% of the limit, for example, that they can walk 200 meters, first go 100 meters, adhere to a few days later gradually increase the amount of exercise;

2. The target should be set at: aerobic exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes;

3. Oxygen exercise: walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, treadmills, upper limb strength training, can also play tai chi, dance;

4. Peritoneal dialysis patients should be prohibited swimming, marathons, football, basketball and other projects.

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