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What are the precautions for uremia patients during pregnanc

2017-12-30 17:08

For patients with uremia, in order to obtain better treatment of uremia effect, we must know some precautions. In fact, for pregnant women, during pregnancy, it is necessary to carry out certain prevention, in this case, will not lead to any problems in the fetus.

Increase the number of dialysis times: generally patients with end-stage renal disease, three times a week is okay, dialysis in pregnant women should be more often than usual, must be increased to seven times every Saturday, in order to control the blood urea nitrogen below 55mg/dl.

The adjustment of carbonate: blood acid-base values in uremic patients than normal acid, so in dialysis, acidic substances, must be used to neutralize the excess carbonate were generally recommended carbonate concentration is about 35mg/l. In addition, changes in the body of women during pregnancy are normal, and the blood tends to be alkaline under normal conditions. Pregnant dialysis patient, must accept every Saturday to dialysis seven times, if there is no adjustment of carbonate concentration, it is easy to cause severe alkalemia. Recommended carbonate concentration daily dialysis when adjusted to 25meg/l.

The dialysis liquid calcium concentration: women during pregnancy for 40 weeks, the calcium ion concentration required is about 25-30 grams, and general of the uremic patient, in the high calcium concentration of ionic liquid dialysis treatment, body averaged 900 mg of calcium ions, pregnant women receiving high calcium concentration in uremic dialysis treatment of ionic liquid dialysis 30 times, in about five weeks, enough to supply calcium required for 40 weeks. In addition, the maternal placenta during pregnancy, also have secretory function of vitamin D3, can promote intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so pregnant dialysis patients need weekly pay attention to calcium ion concentration, avoid occurrence of hypercalcemia.

Folic acid: general pregnant women take folic acid, is to prevent fetal neural tube defects, and uremia patients can also use this method pregnancy. It is worth noting that folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin, it is easy to discharge with dialysis, so uremic pregnant women should be more folic acid supplement, in order to maintain normal physiological needs of the body.

Iron products: regular pregnant women require about 700-1150 mg of iron products during the 40 week period. Obstetricians and gynecologists educate women to increase oral iron containing foods or related drugs during pregnancy. But the uremic pregnant women, because of long-term dialysis because of poor response to oral iron, that can be changed to intravenous injection to improve anemia caused by iron deficiency. In iron injection, should pay special attention to whether there is an allergic reaction to iron, to adjust the dosage.

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