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Can uremia patients with high creatinine eat peppers?

2017-12-23 10:37

Because pepper can stimulate our appetite and improve diet persification, patients with uremia will appear a series of clinical symptoms, the patient at this time is very fragile, a little careless, there may be life-threatening. Therefore, patients and their families should master the taboos of uremic patients and avoid contravening these taboos. However, for uremic patients with high creatinine, it is not the case, the diagnosis of uremia after creatinine high, make sure to stay away from spicy food, avoid aggravation of disease, delay the timely treatment and conditioning.

Can uremia patients with high creatinine eat peppers?

Uremia is the stage of development of nephropathy to the terminal stage. At this time, kidney damage of uremic patients reaches more than 90%. Patients may experience various system symptoms and complications of the nervous system, immune system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. A little careless, it is possible to endanger the lives of patients. Therefore, it is very important to master the diet taboo of patients with uremia.

Nowadays there are more and more uremic high creatinine patients, many of whom are quite like to eat chili. Is this food good for uremic creatinine patients? Uremic high creatinine diet should be light, for spicy food, do not recommend the patient to eat, including peppers. Especially uremia high creatinine patients with severe edema and high blood pressure, make sure not to eat chili.

Pepper has multiple elements of life, can speed up everyone's appetite and improve digestion. Spicy substances stimulate the human tongue taste receptors, triggering reflexive rise in blood pressure, especially diastolic blood pressure. Chronic nephritis patients with high blood pressure, consumption of pepper lead to elevated blood pressure, can aggravate the progression of the disease and deterioration.

Uremic patients must be aware of their diet, if they do not understand can consult their own physician, or you can consult our online experts to understand their diet taboo, in order to avoid causing unnecessary damage.

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