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How to treat uremia?

2017-10-07 15:53

Uremia in Chinese medicine called chronic renal failure, in uremia all stages, Chinese medicine plays a different role. For example, our early uremia treatment of Chinese medicine is the main method of tonifying the spleen and kidney, and as far as possible in the course of detoxification, relieve clinical symptoms and protect renal function, delaying dialysis uremia late especially in dialysis, traditional Chinese medicine mainly with western medicine treatment, western medicine course of dialysis detoxification, drainage, medicine support healthy, nutrition improvement.

At present, the treatment of uremia has been very mature, mainly dialysis or kidney transplantation. After entering dialysis, drug treatment is still important, and this is also essential, such as renal anemia, the use of erythropoietin, hypertension, antihypertensive treatment, and so on. Without dialysis or kidney transplants, there is a risk of life.

The kidney is an important organ of the human body, is mainly responsible for drainage, detoxification, secretion of erythropoietin, acid-base balance and so on, if it is to very serious trauma and damage, any drug can not replace. When any "cure uremia"; "Chinese medicine can replace dialysis"; "stem cell transplant" and so on are not credulous, nephropathy is a long-term disease and to fight disease, do not believe the cure uremia lies, to spend money in the regular treatment in Western medicine.

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