What is the definition of uremia?

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What is the definition of uremia?

2017-10-05 17:00

Chinese medicine therapy is more and more popular among patients with uremia now, so what is the definition of uremia in the field of Chinese medicine?What are the mainly causes of uremia? What harm does it cause to the human body?
Uremia almost belongs to Chinese medicine "kidney has", "off the grid", "water toxin syndrome", "edema" category, its mechanism mainly due to foreign invasion, long lingering, the renal vein closure, resulting gasification no, nobumichi blood shall not be lost in the main water, renal function, and then become edema. Long term of deficiency of both yin and Yang in the kidney, the water on the guilty, against the spleen, spleen lost health transport, movements disorders. Lung loss in the Ru Yang, Xuan Su loss of power. So, kidney, spleen, lung three dysfunction, water and gas chaos, injury to the five internal organs, Ling heart is coma, delirium and other symptoms and heart palpitations, liver injury, Disease, these are dangerous syndrome Hou, especially meticulous syndrome differentiation.
In general, mainly because of the external poison gas intrusion into the human body, cause the body to produce toxins, toxins accumulate in the body, not go out, and then damage the viscera. The reason is kidney disease, because the toxin in the kidneys showed, but in fact there are other organs problems, and then damage the kidneys.
Our hospital is mainly Chinese medicine treatment of uremia, the use of "clear poison therapy" to remove excess toxins in the body, so that the damaged kidney can be restored. The above is our hospital experts on uremia definition to do a brief introduction, if there is still on the uremia or Chinese medicine therapy, you can leave a message below, we can discuss together.

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