If you have following conditions of body, go to the hospital

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If you have following conditions of body, go to the hospital

2017-09-27 15:36

Early symptoms of uremia are often similar to those of other diseases and are often misdiagnosed. In clinical, there are a lot of uremic patients found the disease is already in the middle or end stage of uremia. What are the early symptoms of uremia?

early symptoms of uremia

Yellow face

Anemia is one of the symptoms of many diseases, but also one of the early symptoms of uremia. Uremia early anemia can cause face pale and yellow, weakness. Because in a short period of time, the change of face is slow, the contrast is not obvious and difficult to detect, and it is often misdiagnosed.


Limb edema can be said to be the most obvious, most easily perceived symptoms of uremia. Uremic patients with renal failure in vivo water and sodium retention, the patient may appear in the morning eyelid, ankle and other parts of the edema.

High blood pressure

Because uremic patients with renal damage in vivo sodium, water retention, resulting in increased blood volume lead to high blood pressure. In addition, due to the ischemia of the kidneys themselves, the blood secretion of the kidneys increases. So uremic patients will have different degrees of early hypertension.

Changes of urine volume

Uremic patients due to renal function decline, filtration function decreased. Some patients’ urine output gradually reduced with the aggravation of disease; there are some patients with normal urine output, but due to decreased function of the kidneys, decline in the excretion of toxins from urine, excessive waste in the body can not be discharged, leading to further deterioration of the patient's physique and condition.

The above is relevant introduction of the early symptoms of uremia, we hope to help. If there are above several symptoms, make sure to go to the hospital in time to diagnose. If you still have questions about the symptoms of uremia, you can leave a message below and we can discuss it together.

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