What taboos are there in the uremic diet?

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What taboos are there in the uremic diet?

2017-09-09 16:17

Should always pay attention to uremic patients in the usual life and diet, we received the drug treatment at the same time also to adjuvant therapy according to the food, we should ingested nutrients the body needs, to maintain a good mood and adequate rest. What taboos are there in the uremic diet

uremic diet

1, low protein diet based
In patients with hypoxemia and uremia, the diet should be mainly based on low protein diet, and the protein should be mainly animal proteins containing essential amino acids, such as milk, eggs, fish, lean meat and so on. The daily protein intake was 20 grams. This ensures the supply of amino acids necessary for the organism, and enables the body to synthesize non essential amino acids by non protein nitrogen in low protein supply, thereby reducing the quality of the blood.
2, diet rich in vitamins
Foods should be easy to digest and contain plenty of vitamins, especially vitamin B, C, and D. To avoid mechanical damage to the digestive tract caused by rough food, leading to gastrointestinal bleeding. In patients who have good appetite during the period of blood stasis, the calories should not be less than 35 calories per kilogram of body weight, but only depending on the patient's appetite during the uremia period. If the patient urine volume is many, the dropsy is not obvious, generally does not limit the drinking water quantity.
3, timely replenishment of water, salt
Uremia patients are prone to dehydration and hyponatremia, especially those with long periods of loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. In case it occurs, it should be promptly supplemented. But pay attention to uremia patients on the water, sodium tolerance of poor characteristics, supplement can not be excessive, so as not to cause hypernatremia or water poisoning.
4, pay attention to calcium supplementation and potassium supplementation
Uremia patients are generally low blood potassium, diuretic use after the occurrence of hypokalemia, can eat plenty of fresh fruit and potassium chloride. Uremia patients are often low blood calcium, can eat more calcium content of high food, such as fish, shrimp, meat bones soup.
We must ensure the patient's nutrition and rest, in peacetime we should drink plenty of water to discharge the toxins in our body, but also to appropriate physical exercise, in the treatment of the patient to get adequate rest and good attitude, in addition, uremic patients in the daily diet must eat more vegetables. That way, our bodies can become stronger.
Uremia patients should not only pay attention to diet, but also pay attention to drug treatment. Our hospital mainly adopts characteristic therapy to treat uremia, mainly using traditional Chinese medicine therapy to alleviate the disease, so that patients can be reborn.

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