What are the symptoms of uremia and uremia diet

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What are the symptoms of uremia and uremia diet

2017-09-05 18:52

The presence of uremia, so that the patient's body becomes more weak, in the life of patients is also very difficult to swallow food, in the life of the patients is difficult to swallow, usually need to pay attention to the presence of the disease in life, to a reasonable choice of food, the intake of sodium and protein are required, so, what is the method of uremia diet?

Uremic patients eat an unfavorable: sodium intake restrictions

Due to salt contains a high sodium content, in the uremia body if too much sodium, will cause the body of water retention, resulting in cardiopulmonary failure and increased uremia situation. However, uremic diet should not use low sodium salt, due to low sodium salt containing high potassium ions.

Uremic patients eating two should not: protein intake restrictions

Without dialysis, because the kidneys can not be protein metabolism after the discharge of waste, so that the situation of uremia more serious, it will recommend to reduce intake of protein; but also pay attention to lack of protein intake, will lead to muscle Fiber decomposition, muscle reduction; if the protein and calorie intake are inadequate, in order to ensure the vital organs of the body energy supply, will reduce protein synthesis and muscle protein decomposition increased, serum creatinine increased.

Uremic patients eat three should not:  restrict the intake of potassium

Potassium accumulation in the body can cause muscle weakness, severe cases will cause heart rate is not complete and cause heart failure. This is a common uremic diet.

The above is the symptoms of uremia and diet related to the introduction, for reference. Uremic symptoms and treatment are different, diet will be different. Diet should be based on their own illness decision. If you still have a uremia diet, you can leave a message below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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