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Tongshantong Hospital Experts Introduce Uremic Diet

2017-08-19 19:14

Many uremia patients do not pay much attention to diet, and finally lead to poor treatment. Let the experts tongshantang hoppital tell us about the situation on uremic diet.

uremic diet,tongshan hospital

1. low protein and low phosphorus diet
For uremic patients, the excretion of protein metabolites in the kidneys is reduced and the burden on the kidneys is increased. Therefore, uremic patients should limit protein intake, that is, low protein diet, low phosphorus diet.
2. light diet, limit sodium salt
Patients with uremia should eat food that is easy to digest and does not stimulate, so that it can avoid aggravating the intestinal and kidney burden. Avoid eating spicy spicy food, avoid eating soy and soy products, animal offal and other foods, light diet can prevent the deterioration of the state of uremia.
3. avoid eating foods high in potassium and high in purine
When uremia patients with less urine, or even urine, should avoid eating high potassium foods, especially bananas, oranges, monosodium glutamate and so on. Soy products and seafood are rich in purines and should be avoided. These foods can cause elevated uric acid levels in the blood and worsen kidney damage.
4. proper supplement of vitamins and minerals
Uremia patients lack of appetite, nutritional imbalance, and therefore should be appropriate to eat foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin D, in case of vitamin deficiency.
The above is the introduction of uremic diet by tongshantang experts , for reference only. Diet control is a basic treatment for patients with uremia. Develop good eating habits and diet management can delay the aggravation of the disease. I hope uremia patients pay attention to diet in daily life, so as not to affect the treatment effect.

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