Uremic diet should pay attention to what?

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Uremic diet should pay attention to what?

2017-08-18 10:49

Chinese medicine treatment has always stressed the importance of diet, the diet of patients Health Health education is part of our clinical work, for uremic patients is even more so. Although we have done a lot of guidance, but many uremic patients on uremic diet is always a blank, but also often because of improper diet, resulting in uremic patients with poor treatment. Here are some of my clinical summary of the content, hope to help the majority of patients.

Uremic diet

1, low protein, low phosphorus diet

Early intake of protein in patients with chronic kidney disease, protein intake can not be too restrictive; but when uremia, the kidneys on the metabolic excretion of protein function decreased, increasing the burden on the kidneys. At this point we will strictly limit the protein intake, that is to low-protein diet, low-phosphorus diet. It is now thought that a low-protein diet begins early and is more beneficial to the protection of renal function than later.

2, light diet, limit the sodium salt

Uremic patients should eat easy to digest, the nature of flat and non-irritating food, so as to avoid increasing the burden of the intestine and kidney. Bogey eat fried fried and the like is not easy to digest the food, avoid eating spicy irritating food, avoid eating more oxalic acid spinach, bamboo shoots, amaranth, avoid eating soybeans and soy products, animal offal, Butter and other food to light food is appropriate to avoid further deterioration of renal function.

3, bogey high potassium high purine food

When uremic patients with less urine or even anuria, and when bogey high potassium foods, especially bananas, oranges, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce and so on. Because the potassium ion is discharged with the urine, if the urine is less potassium discharge less, eat it may be hyperkalemia, this will endanger the heart, and even inhibit the heart beating and accidents.

4, adequate carbohydrates

Due to restrictions on protein intake, heat is mainly by the carbohydrates (mainly sugar, starch) to supply, so the diet of sugar should be appropriately increased to meet the body's demand for heat; In addition, adequate heat supply can reduce the protein Of the consumption, reduce the burden on the kidneys, and can make a small amount of protein intake for tissue repair and growth and development, and these foods in vivo metabolism, resulting in water and carbon dioxide, will not increase the burden on the kidneys.

5, appropriate to add vitamins and minerals

Uremia often accompanied by anemia symptoms, mainly caused by the lack of hematopoietic raw materials, so uremic patients should also be appropriate to use some iron-rich foods such as liver, eggs, tomatoes, red dates and green leafy vegetables.

For patients with severe oliguria edema, should also strictly control the daily intake of water, usually in the daily urine volume is not more than 500 ml. Because the water into the row does not come out, retention in the body, will cause edema increased sudden heart failure and other accidents.

Control diet is a basic treatment for uremic patients. Develop good eating habits and diet management can delay the progress of the disease and avoid unexpected accidents, improve the quality of life of patients and extend life expectancy, hope that the majority of patients in their daily life attention, consciously follow.

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