Tongshantang:What are the symptoms of male uremia?

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Tongshantang:What are the symptoms of male uremia?

2017-08-16 15:44

Recently there are always patients with symptoms of male uremia what? So I consulted some of the information, summed up, the following is a brief introduction to the symptoms of male uremia.

First: male uremia early symptoms of the largest one is then less urine, sometimes with the edema at the same time. Some will appear hematuria, this situation is generally young male multiple. Acute uremia of oliguria and edema can occur at the same time, and urine color deep, daily urine output can be less than 400 ml, inpidual patients even no urine. Another about 1/3 of patients will appear hematuria, the naked eye can be found in urine color was thick brown, generally sustainable for several days or even weeks. Uremia also have oliguria characteristics, accompanied by nausea, fatigue and loss of appetite and other early symptoms. Uremia and more violations of the prime of the male. Uremic urine, the proportion is also low.

Tongshantang:What are the symptoms of male uremia?

Second: In addition to occult uremia, the other types of uremic symptoms of the earliest have a common feature, that is, facial swelling. Edema is one of the early symptoms of uremia, usually from the face, and then spread to the lower limbs, sometimes eyelids, hands and feet will have a sense of swelling. Edema is the first symptom of most uremia, first from the face of the beginning, and then spread to the lower limbs, severe eyes open, eyes closed, fist, walking have eyelids, palm and foot swelling.

Third: male uremia in the onset of the disease when the main performance of the "three low", "three high", high incidence, accompanied by high prevalence of cardiovascular disease, high mortality; the whole society on uremia Awareness rate is low, prevention and treatment rate is low, associated with heart rate awareness is relatively low.

Above is the summary of the symptoms of male uremia, for reference only. For uremic patients, in addition to active treatment of disease, in peacetime should pay attention to maintain an optimistic mood, to strengthen the exercise, to develop good habits, so that it can better resist uremia.

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