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Treatment of uremic patients

2017-08-01 18:57

Uremic patients diet therapy, not only pay attention to nutrition, and should pay attention to reduce the burden on the kidneys, eat too much food protein can make renal dysfunction, leading to nitrogen retention, causing edema and further improve serum creatinine, urea nitrogen. Today let me talk to you and talk about uremia dialysis to eat what good.

First: uremic patients diet to limit the intake of salt, no matter what kind of kidney disease, as long as there is edema, it must limit the salt intake. Edema is obvious, should be limited to 1 g per day, serious and even require a saltless diet. To reduce the amount of urine protein, edema, reduce the amount of salt can be increased, but also should not exceed 5 grams per day. The purpose of low-salt diet is to reduce the body of water, sodium retention, so that edema subsided and blood pressure decreased.

Second: patients with renal failure can not eat meat, renal failure patients, should limit the intake of protein. Because it can be metabolized in the body produce some nitrogen-containing waste, and through the kidneys with urine excretion. Renal failure (oliguria), reduced urine output, affecting waste excretion, these waste accumulation prone to uremia. Such as ham, chicken, chicken, pigeon, quail and other meat containing high protein, should not eat more.

Third: uremia should not eat what the sea (water) products, chronic nephritis due to loss of protein in the urine, renal function is still good, blood non-protein nitrogen concentration is not high, can add a lot of protein. When the uremia, will be accompanied by reduced urine output, it is not appropriate to eat high-protein food, otherwise, after eating uremia. Therefore, the higher protein content of the sea (water) products, such as sea cucumber, mud carp, Le fish, croaker, tiger fish, mandarin fish and so should not eat.

Sodium ion in the human body is to maintain the function of plasma osmotic pressure, once the body of sodium ions will soon lead to excessive burden of the heart, causing heart failure, hypertension and other complications, so dialysis of uremic patients, one day intake of salt Not more than 3 grams.

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