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Useful food for uremic patients-The most important in uremic

2017-09-22 17:52

Uremia is not a simple disease, therefore, uremic patients must know how to arrange their own diet at the time of treatment, reasonable arrangement of diet is very important for the treatment, we can not ignore all the things because of the severity of the disease, what you need to do is not only to positively face treatment, but also to pay attention to adjust your diet, ensure the application of balanced diet. What can uremic pathents eat, you must understand, diet is the most important in the treatment.

What food does uremia pathents eat?

Uremic patients without urine as far as possible not to eat too heavy taste of things, because uremia patients diet must control water intake. If you eat too salty, it is easy to thirsty. Do not think that you can not drink water, while you can eat fruit unrestrictedly, fruit contains much moisture, but you can eat less, because of the need of nutrition. Uremic patients eat the food enriching the blood, because uremic patients often have anemia phenomenon. Uremic patients diet need calcium supplement, iron supplemen if necessary, can occasionally do blood perfusion or blood filtration, the blood filtration effect is better, if not control water, when uremic patients can not dialysis meetting an accident, they can use steam.

A detail uremic diet list of food:

1 meat: cock, carp, old pork, goose, etc.;

2 some fruits: bananas, oranges, etc.

3 other dishes: Bacon, salted duck and other pickled products, all kinds of special, vegetables pickled in soy sauce, vermicelli made from bean, spinach, cauliflower, day Lily, rape, bean sprouts, cauliflower, green amaranth, letinous edodes etc.;

4 edible oil: lard, soybean oil, salad oil, peanut oil, blending oil, etc.;

5 animals and internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, etc.);

6 high protein foods: milk, milk powder, oatmeal, black sesame paste, egg, duck's egg, goose's egg, quail egg, beef, meat etc.;

A detail uremic diet list of food

7 high animal fat: fat, pork skin, chicken skin and duck skin;

8 food nuts: walnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, pistachios, water chestnut, chestnut;

9: rapeseed oil, sesame oil;

10 beans and products: beans, bean sprouts, lentils, beans, mung beans, beans, peas, tofu, 1000, tofu etc.

11 seafood and aquatic products: crab, shrimp, kelp, laver, turtle, turtle, eel, loach, mullet, carp etc.;

12 excitant food and spices: leek, celery, coriander, garlic bolt, turmeric, pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, pepper, spices, bagged anise, fennel, soy sauce, vinegar;

13 vegetables: cucumber, melon, tomatoes, cabbage, radish, cabbage, lotus root, red amaranth, mushroom, white fungus, mushroom, pumpkin, melon, luffa;

14 other diet: fig, longan, litchi, lotus seeds, fruit, jelly, plum, persimmon, jujube, sesame, drinks, cakes, biscuits, instant noodles, ham sausage, fried food, spicy soup buns, etc.;


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