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What are the development stages of lupus nephritis?

2017-12-07 16:57

Lupus nephritis is the most common type of lupus erythematosus nephropathy, with the development of the disease, the patient's physical condition will be getting worse, the body is more and more serious damage. Following kidney disease experts to introduce us what are the development stages of lupus nephritis.

Type I: patients in the stage of development of this lupus nephritis in general, there is almost no disease response, usually only a small symptom of the disease, and easily overlooked by the people, the patient's kidney health will not be a serious threat, if this time can get the right treatment, the patient's condition will be greatly improved.

Ⅱ type: in the lupus nephritis in patients with the disease need to control the development of the disease in time, or easily lead to disease progression. This stage of lupus nephritis showed glomerular mesangial cell proliferation, mesangial thickening, clinically a small amount of proteinuria and microscopic hematuria, can successfully control the development of lupus nephropathy, this stage is the key.

Type III: If patients with lupus erythematosus can not effectively control the disease, then it will lead to renal failure, kidney health to bring a very serious threat. This stage of the performance of glomerular involvement is not more than 50%, glomerular vascular endothelial cells were segmental proliferation and focal necrosis, a small or moderate amount of urine protein, hematuria rare. If this time can not control the development of lupus erythematosus nephropathy, then the patient will gradually enter the uremic stage, the disease is difficult to treat.

The above is about the development stage of lupus nephritis ,hoping to help you better understand lupus nephritis. Everyone must pay attention to diet and life style in daily life, they are the main cause of kidney disease, improper diet and the wrong way of life may lead to kidney disease, every six months or a year to the hospital for physical examination, so as to avoid physical problems.

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