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What are the lupus nephritis diet therapy?

2017-09-06 15:55

Lupus nephritis diet therapy have what? Lupus nephritis is a very serious kidney disease, the patient should pay attention to the development and treatment of the disease. Symptoms of timely treatment, but also in the diet should pay special attention. Then lupus nephritis diet therapy have what?

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Reasonable scientific diet therapy for patients with kidney disease treatment is very helpful, lupus nephritis eat what good?

1. lupus nephritis patients should be mainly light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

2. If patients with lupus nephritis have prominent symptoms, such as hypertension, edema or azotemia should use low-salt low-protein diet, and limit the intake of water. Wait until the edema subsided, blood pressure normal, azotemia disappeared, can be a normal diet.

3. Lupus nephritis should eat more vitamin E foods: cod liver oil, vegetable oil, meat and eggs, citrus and lettuce leaves and so on.

Above is our brief introduction to lupus nephritis diet therapy, for reference only. Specific diet therapy should be based on the specific conditions of development, not blind. If there are questions about lupus nephritis diet, you can leave a message below, we can discuss together.




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