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The life conditioning of lupus erythematosus

2017-09-01 16:55

The life conditioning of lupus erythematosus is an essential part of the rehabilitation process, scientific and rational life conditioning can be in the process of rehabilitation of lupus erythematosus to bring you a better quality of life. Our experts will give you a scientific description of the life of lupus erythematosus conditioning.
Psychological conditioning: due to lupus erythematosis long course of illness, repeated, but also because of marriage and family and economic reasons, so that patients have many complex psychological problems,including anxiety, depressed, pessimistic, fears and doubts, depression, emotional and other psychological factors has been identified as one of the causes of morbidity and recurrence of SLE patients, the mood can directly affect the immune system. So do not fear the disease, worry, do not be nervous, keep a good mood, and fight the confidence of the disease. At the same time, family care, attentiveness and mental encouragement are also important for the stability of the condition, because mental stress or stress can cause immune system disorder through the neuroendocrine system or increase SLE.
Strike a proper balance between work and rest: acute activity, the patient must bed rest, rest attention to maintain a good posture and joint functional position, in order to facilitate further exercise rehabilitation, active exercise difficult joints, in the active movement of doctors and nurses under the guidance of the treatment of passive movement, auxiliary active exercise, the purpose is to control the stiffness of the joints and muscle waste atrophy, the action should be slow and gentle, without prejudice to rest. Relieve the period, physical allowable person can carry out dynamic exercise, can participate in some of the appropriate work, students can return to school, but the work and life to avoid heavy physical labor, fatigue, to not cause pain and fatigue principles, , To ensure adequate sleep. Can be carefully from small to large progressive resistance to the movement, the patient can according to their own abilities and hobbies, and actively carry out the body of entertainment, sports activities, choose to walk, jogging, cycling, dancing, playing, swimming, qigong, tai chi and other easy sports, but entertainment should be appropriate, especially to avoid all night to rub mahjong. Experience has shown that moderate cultural and sports activities, to improve the patient's mood, promote mental health, maintain and improve muscle strength, endurance, enhance self-esteem, to avoid social isolation has a considerable role.
Diet taboo: should eat high-quality protein, low fat, low sugar, rich in vitamin food, pay attention to calcium supplement. Mutton, dog meat, horse meat, etc. due to warm, after eating will increase the symptoms of SLE patients heat, induced disease. Spinach can increase lupus nephritis proteinuria and tube, and can cause urine turbidity and urinary tract stones, it should not eat. Mushrooms, celery containing psoralen can cause light-sensitive, facial erythema, rash, so SLE patients should not eat. Should not drink and smoke, so as not to aggravate the condition.
Note: (1) to avoid ultraviolet radiation, usually to avoid the sun and ultraviolet radiation, particularly sensitive to the sun. Out of the best arrangements for the morning or evening, try to avoid 10 am to 4 pm when the sun goes out strongly. When you go out, you should use a sunscreen, umbrella or wide-brimmed hat, long-sleeved jacket and trousers.
(2) Cold protection and warmth retention, SLE patients, especially those who have Renault phenomenon in the cold season should pay attention to warm, winter wear hat, masks, to avoid cold, to minimize the cold and other diseases, infection  can cause lupus activity or make the original condition aggravating.
The above is about lupus erythematosus life conditioning related presentations, patients in daily life must pay attention to the content described above, if you have knowledge about kidney disease need a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts.

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