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What are the symptoms of lupus nephritis type 1?

2017-08-28 16:20

Lupus nephritis has a very complex classification, and lupus nephritis is classified into 1, 2, and 3 types. Different types of symptoms and treatments are different. So, what are the symptoms of lupus nephritis type 1?

Lupus nephritis type 1 symptoms are usually systemic and subtle, asymptomatic proteinuria and hematuria type are relatively common. Proteinuria or hematuria is the main manifestation. The symptoms of acute nephritic syndrome are similar to those associated with acute nephritis after streptococcal infection, usually within 3 months of nearly doubling the value of serum creatinine. This type of disease often causes uremia. Nephrotic syndrome is the most common, unlike other types of high blood lipid symptoms. However, many patients develop uremia within a few years. What's more, chronic nephritis syndrome, characterized by persistent proteinuria, hematuria, tubular urine, varying degrees of edema, hypertension, anemia, and renal insufficiency. The course of disease is long, the delay is not cured, and then uremia occurs. A few patients may exhibit clinical manifestations of interstitial nephritis and chronic tubular, that is to say the patient will appear the phenomenon of urine osmolality and proportion, nocturia, there will be a series of high or low potassium blood electrolyte disorder in clinical manifestations. Lupus nephritis type 1 symptoms according to different people have different performance, the difference is very large, the method of treatment is very different, so we have to develop symptoms and disease classification of different types of processes that lupus nephritis type 1.


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