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How to Reach Patients with Umbilical Uremia

2017-08-11 19:50

Uremia is not a terminal illness, do the greatest effort to seize the opportunity to pay close attention to treatment or hope to reverse. There was a female lupus nephropathy uremic patients, when she was married for 3 years, just made a mother, the child less than six months old, she was hematuria hemophilia several times, the daily urine output less than 50 ml, was beautiful and charming when the face becomes old and haggard, full of vigorous body becomes weak, legs such as irrigation lead in general.
After admission, with medical personnel after a detailed history, complete physical examination, found lupus nephropathy history of not more than 2 years, the double kidney volume did not reduce the renal function, recently was developed to uremia, immunological tests clearly support a variety of lupus activity in peritoneal dialysis immediately to her at the same time, hormone and CTX the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Two weeks later, the patient's urine volume increased to 1000 ml per day, two months after the daily 1500 ml, she finally out of uremia crisis, the lifting of uremia dialysis, restore the old style of youth.
Lupus nephropathy uremia can reverse it? Uremia by treatment, from dialysis, to restore the normal life of the case, too numerous to mention. Is not every case of lupus nephropathy uremic patients can be porced from it? Obviously not. Only a reversible cause of uremia in order to reverse the uremic dialysis, such as: rapid progression of lupus nephritis, acute urinary tract obstruction, including stones, blood clots caused by uremia, in the elimination of reversible causes, the uremia can be reversed To normal.
Therefore, that uremia is a terminally ill, can only rely on dialysis to maintain the views of the disabled is biased.
The correct way for patients with uremia is to seek medical treatment at a better medical technical hospital, so that doctors can do everything possible to find a reversible cause, and strive to eliminate the reversible diseases as soon as possible and get rid of uremia. If the families of uremic patients without the knowledge or the doctor did not have such a concept, missed the timing of treatment of uremia can be reversed, it will become an irreversible obstruction caused by uremia, such as uremia for more than 3 months; or lupus nephropathy caused by urinary sepsis not treated, simply rely on dialysis to sustain life for more than half a year. Reversible from uremia to irreversible.
Lupus nephritis uremia patients also reversed? Each nephropathy and their families should know, uremia is not an incurable disease, should make the greatest efforts to seize seize the opportune moment of nephropathy, let the happiness to every new reversible uremic patients and their families.

How to Reach Patients with Umbilical Uremia

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