Routine examination of lupus nephritis

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Routine examination of lupus nephritis

2017-06-18 10:12

What disease have to wait until after the diagnosis can begin to think of ways to start from what place, in the diagnosis before we only have some drugs Never mind or methods to relieve and control their condition. Only detailed diagnosis can ensure that the patient can be further detailed treatment. Routine examination is an important criterion for doctors to judge patients and develop and treat methods. In different situations, patients with lupus nephritis may undergo different treatments. So let us first look at the routine method for lupus nephritis: 1 routine examination and immunological tests by examining serum autoantibodies found in patients with positive Y and globulin significantly increased, blood circulating immune complexes positive change, hypocomplementemia. Lupus nephritis, especially in the active phase. Positive blood cell lupus erythematosus, skin lupus band test positive. Routine examination 2, surface examination to see whether lupus erythematosus patients with cheek erythema is flat or high, in addition to the sun has a clear reaction, causing rash situation is serious. The mouth or throat ulcers observed, and whether the peripheral joints have tenderness, swelling or effusion. Routine examination, 3 fine vascular activity index examination in lupus nephritis patients with hyperplasia, leukocyte infiltration, capillary wall damage, cellular crescents, transparent thrombus and fibrin thrombus and fibrin deposition and other aspects to evaluate the patient's condition reached the level. After a comprehensive examination, we learned about routine tests for lupus nephritis. In addition, we should look at the daily care and care of life in order to help the treatment more effectively.

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