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Are there IgA nephropathy patients with recurrent because no

2017-09-23 17:16

Originally thought to have been cured of Iga nephropathy and repeated attacks because there is no cure? In fact, not all because of this, there are some prognostic measures may not do a good job of patients. Here to explain what is the cause of recurrent IgA nephropathy?

First, not conditioning. IgA nephropathy is the focus of the regulation, whether during or after hospitalization,recurrent IgA nephropathy patients should pay attention to the daily conditioning.

Pay attention to work and rest, proper diet, with the doctor actively carry out rehabilitation treatment, not because of illness control will not focus on conditioning.

Second, genetic causes. According to the survey, the reason for the rebound in IgA nephropathy and the genes of each person, and the gene can not be artificially changed, so we should do more to prevent the rebound in recurrent IgA nephropathy.

Third, the treatment is not complete. Some patients with recurrent IgA nephropathy to see the performance of the disappearance, that the condition completely cured, in fact, otherwise. IgA nephropathy is caused by kidney damage, should be based on the principle of treatment from the root, in order to completely cure recurrent IgA nephropathy. Some hospital by symptomatic treatment, only the surface lift, such as reducing urinary protein, creatinine clearance PRO, actually there is no cure for recurrent IgA nephropathy. The reason for repeated attacks IgA nephropathy is very easy to attack. Therefore, patients with recurrent Iga nephropathy must pay attention to the prognosis of conditioning, of course, the choice of a high level of technology hospital treatment is also critical. In this hope patients can get rid of recurrent Iga nephropathy.

recurrent iga nephropathy

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