Suffering from IgA nephropathy how to care better?

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Suffering from IgA nephropathy how to care better?

2017-09-13 15:01

We may not be familiar with iga nephropathy, but in fact, it is a very high incidence of clinical and a great harm to a disease, suffering from iga kidney disease patients, not only to their formal medical care, Also need more care in life, so as to help patients recover.

Suffering from iga kidney disease how to care better? A good mood is important. Chinese experts pointed out that Yu injury liver, liver qi stagnation does not stretch, leading to detoxification, detoxification function into the kidney, increasing the burden on the kidneys. Therefore, patients in their daily lives, we must ensure a good attitude, do not anger, which is one of iga kidney disease precautions.

By the iga kidney disease damage, the patient's kidney will be seriously damaged, so that there will be malnutrition, renal failure. Therefore, the patient is prone to fatigue symptoms, need more rest. Pay attention to rest. When suffering from iga kidney disease after the disease, the body will be seriously damaged, need a good rest. Therefore, in daily life, patients should avoid severe exercise, excessive fatigue and so on. For patients with mild condition, can be gradual, appropriate exercise.

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