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IGA kidney disease diet therapy should be how to distinguish

2017-09-23 17:03

Iga nephropathy is one of the common kidney disease, but Iga nephropathy for different causes, the symptoms are not the same, the corresponding treatment will be different. Iga nephropathy is not only treated with drugs, but also diet therapy. Here on the details of the Iga kidney disease diet therapy , but also how to distinguish it?

Iga kidney disease diet therapy

Acute episodes of Iga nephropathy diet therapy: Yinhua, Rehmannia, thistle each 30g, forsythia, habitat of the 15g, Nepeta, Campanulaceae 10g, Lobster sauce, raw licorice 6g, Sanqi powder 2g, red bean, rice 60g, sugar amount. Before the 9 flavor decoction juice, into the red beans, rice boiled dilute porridge, add three or seven powder, sugar can be boiled seasoning. Daily 1 dose, 2 times taking.

Firelight exuberant Iga kidney disease diet therapy: thistle 30g, habitat 20g, Rhizoma Imperatae 15g, bamboo leaves 12g, fried gardenia, raw hay 10g, rice 100g, sugar amount. Before the 6 flavor decoction juice, into the rice boiled dilute porridge, add sugar can be seasoned. Daily 1 dose, 2 times taking.

Iga nephropathy diet therapy is the most effective combination of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, in the diet by adding traditional Chinese medicine, both to alleviate the disease, but also to promote the patient's appetite. Iga nephropathy is pided into several, diet therapy is also different, to be treated for the disease, has reached the best results. If there is a problem with diet therapy for Iga nephropathy, you can leave a message below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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