What should I pay attention to iga kidney disease diet?

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What should I pay attention to iga kidney disease diet?

2017-09-07 17:11

What should I pay attention to iga kidney disease diet?Iga nephropathy is now more common a kidney disease, if we had unfortunate get Iga kidney disease, then we must timely treatment, as soon as possible to cure. Patients with Iga nephropathy should not only pay attention to drug treatment, but also pay attention to diet therapy. Then what should I pay attention to iga kidney disease diet, let the doctor for us to explain in detail about it
iga kidney disease diet
1, Foods that are irritating to the kidneys and loaded with kidneys should be fasted, or they may cause severe harm to the patient. You should be careful in your diet.
2,Limit the intake of salt and water in patients with edema. Edema is not heavy, can have low salt diet; no edema patients do not limit the intake of water and protein food. IgA nephropathy of hyperkalemia eat high potassium foods such as bananas, citrus, potatoes, pumpkin, tomato, soy sauce, MSG, tea.
3, Iga kidney disease patients should limit the consumption of water and more food, such as watermelon. Iga kidney disease diet should also be taboo spicy spicy food, taboo seafood, beef and mutton. Try to eat lightly.
The above is about iga kidney disease diet, for reference only.The etiology and treatment of Iga nephropathy are different, and dietary taboos may be different. If there are questions about IgA kidney disease diet, you can leave a message below and we can communicate with each other. 

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