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how to fight IgA nephropathy

2017-09-28 18:08

how to fight IgA nephropathy?Currently, the most effective method for treatment of IgA nephropathy is the choice of traditional Chinese medicine treatment.Western medicine can seize the time to control the inflammatory response of patients often show, but the essential reason for inflammatory reaction such as a variety of toxic substances in the kidney without methods to conduct a comprehensive clean-up; and active substances in traditional Chinese medicine will remove the relatively complete variety of toxic substances produced in the inflammatory response and pay more attention on the recovery of renal function.
But at the same time of healing, how to fight IgA nephropathy?
1, IgA nephropathy is mainly in patients with respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis caused or worsened, so patients should beware of colds in everyday life。 In daily life patients can do the appropriate physical exercise, and our hospital kidney specialist said that physical exercise can enhance the patient's effective resistance.
2, Strenuous exercise often result in patients with occult blood or repeatedly increased nephropathy in everyday life. Experts in our hospital say patients in daily life diet should live a regular life, do not stay up late, and maintain a good attitude.
3, IgA nephropathy in everyday life is often accompanied by pharyngitis or tonsillitis, so TCM Yin deficiency or pathogenic wind heat toxin.Patients should havelight diet , do not eat spicy.
4, IgA nephropathy patients in daily life should remember careful medication, keep away from the use of kidney damage drugs, so as to keep away from aggravating the burden on the kidneys.
The above is about "how to fight IgA nephropathy" related to the introduction, hoping to bring you help. Iga nephropathy in the treatment process should also pay attention to non-drug treatment, to maintain a good mood, the appropriate exercise for the treatment of patients is also helpful.

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