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how to cure IgA nephropathy

2017-09-01 16:50

IgA nephropathy is a common primary glomerular disease, the prognosis is mainly associated with proteinuria PRO, high blood pressure, impaired renal function, glomerular sclerosis, interstitial fibrosis and renal arteriosclerosis, so the treatment of IgA nephropathy becomes complicated.
1, Patients should use drugs rationally
For patients, medication should be prudent, because most drugs are made up of hormones, which have a strong kidney damage. However, IgA nephropathy patients are suitable for use and how to use them will be appropriate.
2, Patients should have a reasonable diet
 patients with IgA nephropathy should have a reasonable diet, especially the uremia disease is the structural imbalance of kidney, excretion of metabolic waste dysfunction, metabolic waste accumulation of the body will produce toxic effects on the human body, we will call the symptoms of poisoning. Accumulation of metabolic waste in the body, we call uremic toxins. Uremic toxins are mainly nitrogen containing metabolic wastes. The so-called metabolic waste of nitrogen is the product of protein metabolism.
3, Prevent the aggravation of IgA nephropathy
Do IgA nephropathy in normal life in daily care, many go to hospital for treatment of patients is due to the usual attention to these can aggravate the progression of IgA nephropathy external causes disease and aggravate, was less patient who came to rely on dialysis. Although these reasons are not inevitable, but it is inevitable.
In addition, one kidney specialist said: Western medicine supply can seize the time to control the inflammatory response in IgA patients often show, but the essential reason of the inflammatory response such as a variety of toxic substances in the kidney without methods to conduct a comprehensive clean-up; and active substances in traditional Chinese medicine will remove more completely to a variety of toxic the material produced in the inflammatory response and pay more attention on the recovery of renal function. IgA nephropathy occurs more frequently in children and young adults, and 80% in 16-35 years of age. Men are more than women with glomerulonephritis. Although the type is very common, but the difficulty of healing is quite high. Make sure to take the time to heal so as to stay away from increasing complications.

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