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Iga kidney disease diet how to pay attention to it

2017-09-16 18:10

Iga kidney disease diet to pay attention to what? Iga nephropathy patients should not only pay attention to drug treatment, but also attach importance to diet therapy. We must remember to early treatment, so as to worsen the disease. Only the right diet, in order to better help Iga nephropathy in patients with treatment.

iga kidney disease diet

1. Protein supply: Iga kidney disease diet should be based on the degree of renal damage to determine the level of protein intake. If the kidney damage is not serious in patients, the diet of the protein does not require strict restrictions.

2. Control of sodium intake: should be based on the condition of Iga patients to determine the intake of sodium. If patients with Iga nephropathy have severe edema and high blood pressure, the intake of sodium salt should be controlled within a certain range, or even give a salt-free diet, but also to avoid other irritating food.

3. Limit potassium intake: If the Iga nephropathy in patients with oliguria, then the high potassium foods such as kelp, seaweed, animal offal, tomatoes, pumpkin and other restrictions.

4. Vitamins: any Iga nephropathy in the daily diet to give adequate vitamins, especially to add vitamin C, because long-term patients with Iga nephritis may have anemia, vitamin C can increase the absorption of iron to correct anemia.

The above is the Iga kidney disease diet attention, for reference only. Iga nephropathy patients should pay attention to the development of this disease, the effective control of sodium content, usually pay attention to diet knowledge, and actively cooperate with the treatment, to avoid the threat to the kidneys, aggravate the disease, affecting the treatment.

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