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Tong Shan Hospital:Iga Kidney Disease Diet attention

2017-09-13 19:42

Tong shan Hospital: iga kidney disease diet attention, and now many people are plagued by Iga kidney disease, Iga nephropathy in patients after illness, not only to pay attention to drug treatment, but also pay attention to the diet. Diet is important for the treatment of Iga nephropathy. Please refer to the following note with the good hospital kidney disease experts about Iga kidney disease diet attention.

Tong Shan Hospital:Iga Kidney Disease Diet attention

IgA nephropathy diet

1. If the Iga nephrotic patients with high blood uric acid, it is necessary to avoid eating animal offal, seafood, beans, beer and so on.

2. The kidneys are irritating food, increase the burden of kidney food should be banned, otherwise it will make Iga nephropathy in patients with exacerbations. Iga nephropathy must pay attention to diet.

3. Try to eat less water, such as watermelon. IGA kidney disease diet should try to pay attention to taboo spicy spicy food.

4. edema of Iga nephropathy patients, to be alert to salt, drink as little as possible. No edema patients do not limit the intake of drinking water and protein foods. Iga nephropathy patients have high, high potassium disease should avoid eating high potassium foods such as bananas, potatoes, citrus, pumpkin, tomatoes, tea, monosodium glutamate.

The above is the same good hospital on the Iga kidney disease diet to do a brief introduction, for reference only. If you find yourself suffering from Iga nephropathy, it is necessary to go to regular hospital for treatment, and in the regular doctor's advice under the diet to develop, so as to exacerbate the disease, affecting the treatment effect.

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