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Caused IgA kidney disease deterioration of the crime

2017-09-06 18:51

Leading to IgA kidney disease deterioration of the cause.Many factors associated with the deterioration of IgA nephropathy, such as men, old age, hematuria, proteinuria, severe renal pathology damage, hypertension, hypoalbuminemia, hyperuricemia, nephrotoxic drugs and food, infection and so on. The main factors are: infection, nephrotoxic drugs and food, a large number of proteinuria (urinary protein> 1.0 g / day), hypoalbuminemia (serum albumin <35g / L), hyperuricemia (serum uric acid> 430umol / L) and hypertension (blood pressure> 140 / 90mmHg).

How to prevent the deterioration of IgA nephropathy

So many factors associated with the deterioration of IgA nephropathy, how will we uncovered these causes, prevention of IgA nephropathy worse?

Prevention of infection

IgA nephropathy can be achieved by paying attention to personal hygiene, cold and warm, appropriate exercise to enhance physical fitness to prevent infection. If the infection should be as soon as possible to the regular hospital of renal medicine treatment; for long-term chronic infection should try to cure, remove the hidden in the body of the "time bomb."

Avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs

IgA patients should be regular to the regular hospital follow-up, the use of new drugs or adjust the medication should first ask the doctor of kidney medicine, should not hears a drug to take their own good, especially "cure" Chinese medicine, or self-adjusting drug dose The

Regular treatment and control of proteinuria, reduce proteinuria method:

Diet: low-salt diet can reduce the glomerular filtration rate, thereby reducing the filtration of urine protein; excessive protein intake increased glomerular protein filtration, thereby increasing renal damage, so patients with renal impairment Limit the intake of protein.

Drug treatment: commonly used drugs are angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin receptor antagonists, hormones, immunosuppressive agents, drug treatment and more need for a long time, while the need for sustained and regular medication, self-change drugs , Stop the drug will significantly affect the treatment effect.

Improve hypoalbuminemia: control of proteinuria is the primary measure to improve hypoproteinemia, if the blind increase in protein intake and not control proteinuria, but will increase the discharge of urine protein, increased renal damage.

Prevention of hyperuricemia: the prevention of elevated uric acid is the most important thing is to reduce uric acid production, reduce seafood, beer, broth, nuts and other large amounts of purine containing food intake, eat more vegetables, fruits. Gout can be used when the use of allopurinol inhibition of uric acid production; also can eat soda water, sodium bicarbonate and other alkaline substances to promote the discharge of uric acid.

Treatment of high blood pressure: control of good blood pressure can reduce the heart, cerebrovascular, kidney and other organ damage, how to control blood pressure? Blood pressure need to control what level? The following methods can choose: improve lifestyle: appropriate exercise, adequate sleep, Low-salt diet, smoking cessation; antihypertensive drugs: long-term, regular use of antihypertensive drugs, according to the specific circumstances of patients choose drugs, recommended joint, low-dose use of antihypertensive drugs to achieve optimal antihypertensive effect, and the smallest side effects , The current blood pressure should be controlled at 130 / 80mmHg ideal, too low, too high blood pressure are negative for the body.
The above includes both Iga kidney disease treatment and how to prevent Iga kidney disease deterioration of the content, for reference only. The specific condition or consult a professional physician after making a decision. If there is a problem with Iga kidney disease treatment, you can leave a message below and we will do our best to help you.


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