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 The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.The kidneys' function are to filter the blood. All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

  • What should be done in hypertensive nephropathy in life?

    Date:2017-09-10 14:08:05

    Hypertensive nephropathy is caused by hypertension combined with kidney disease, in daily life, not only pay attention to drug treatment, but also pay attention to reasonable care. Hypertensive nephropathy and their families must pay attent...

  • To understand the early symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy

    Date:2017-09-10 11:37:11

    We should be aware of the early symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy, better in early prevention. Hypertensive nephropathy is complicated by renal disease in recent years, the incidence is getting higher and higher, the harm is also great....

  • Kidney complications that hypertension patients should know

    Date:2017-09-10 11:30:56

    Hypertensive nephropathy has always been a disease that many patients afriad of, expecially for hyprtension patients. If we di not receive timely treatment in the early stage of the disease,it will affect our normal life as well as treatmen...

  • How can hypertensive nephropathy treat effectively?

    Date:2017-09-09 16:56:01

    Hypertensive nephropathy can be regarded as one of the more stubborn diseases in many renal diseases, and it is more difficult to treat than other diseases. For patients caused by the harm is also relatively large. It is believed that every...

  • Hypertensive nephropathy treatment errors are what?

    Date:2017-09-07 17:21:02

    Hypertensive nephropathy treatment What are the errors? Now more and more patients with hypertensive nephropathy, many people are directly to the hospital for treatment, how to treat are not clear, for the treatment of errors is not very cl...

  • What are the symptoms of female nephritis?

    Date:2017-08-22 16:40:53

    In recent years, more and more women suffering from nephritis disease, this phenomenon can not help but wonder, in the traditional sense only male friends easily suffering from nephritis, nephritis women and men what symptoms differ? The fo...

  • How can female patients prevent pyelonephritis recurrence?

    Date:2017-08-22 16:38:00

    There are more women suffering from pyelonephritis than men, so why? It is a purulent inflammation caused by bacteria invading the parenchyma of the renal pelvis, renal bulb and kidney. As long as the timely discovery pyelonephritis can gen...

  • What is the late symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy

    Date:2017-08-22 16:37:45

    There are many hypertensive nephropathy patients and their families want to understand what are the symptoms of each stage? Symptoms are important to each of us, and we can only go to the right treatment if we know the symptoms. Today, a br...

  • What are the symptoms of early hypertensive nephropathy

    Date:2017-08-21 11:00:44

    Hypertension patients are now more and more, hypertensive patients are particularly vulnerable to hypertensive nephropathy, the following let the kidney disease experts for us to summarize the symptoms of early hypertension nephropathy what...

  • What are the late symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy?

    Date:2017-08-16 16:00:33

    What are the late symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy now? Hypertension is now more and more people, hypertensive patients are susceptible to kidney disease, the following look at the late symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy are what? Sym...

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