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The hazards of hypertensive nephropathy on human body

2017-12-28 17:05

With the increase of working pressure, aggravate the burden of life, more and more people suffer from hypertensive nephropathy, but because a lot of people for hypertensive nephropathy harm is not very understanding, thus ignoring the disease, lead to disease progression, cause more damage, let us try to understand what are the hazards of hypertensive nephropathy.

Hypertensive nephropathy can cause pathological changes of fiber and muscle hyperplasia. Most of the patients are young, and women are more than men. Renal artery lesions mainly occur in the middle and distal 1/3 segments of 1/3, which often damage the kidneys and branches, while the unilateral ones are often seen on the right side. Hypertensive nephropathy occurs in the middle layer of the blood vessels, and the smooth muscle and fibrous tissue simultaneously proliferated. The wall of the artery is concentric thickening and elastic rupture causes intramural hematoma, and there is a large amount of gel around the hematoma. Angiography shows that the renal artery or its branches are smooth and narrow.

In addition to the above hazards, hypertension nephropathy patients will cause the following hazards:

Renal osteodystrophy: in patients with hypertensive kidney disease, the bones become fragile because of lack of calcium. Elevated blood pressure: elevated blood pressure in hypertensive kidney disease can cause severe complications such as stroke, heart disease, and even death. Renal anemia: hypertensive kidney disease patients can not produce enough red blood cells, which lead to renal anemia.

Toxins cause damage to organs. As a result of severe kidney damage, excess fluid, waste, and toxins from the body accumulate in the body. If the blood accumulates too many toxins, can cause each organ of the body not to be able to fill the damage. In order to sustain life, the need for dialysis (dialysis) or kidney transplantation to replace the kidney function.

Above about Hypertension Nephropathy detailed introduction to human harm, believe in patients with hypertensive nephropathy also have a certain understanding, when patients appear hypertensive nephropathy symptoms, we must promptly to the regular hospital treatment, to avoid misdiagnosis, the best time to delay the disease, causing unnecessary harm. If you do not understand or need to understand, you can consult our online expert.


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