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Symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy

2017-12-28 17:01

With the aging population in China is more and more serious, especially the elderly, it is likely to cause hypertensive nephropathy, once occurrence of major diseases, and also can cause many complications, the most common is myocardial infarction, as children for this disease related symptoms, should strengthen understanding, to protect the elderly, which are described below the symptoms of hypertension nephropathy.

1, brain symptoms: for hypertensive nephropathy patients, headache, dizziness is the most common symptoms, usually more than in the early morning, mainly in the forehead, occiput, temporal department. Sometimes dizziness can be temporary, while some are persistent, and blood pressure drops, which can be lessened.

2, abnormal urine: for many patients, in the early stage of the disease is increasing nocturia, and then there will be proteinuria, hematuria, if not effectively treated, it will lead to uremia. Blood pressure continues to increase and edema occurs in the eyelids and lower extremities.

3, digestive symptoms: some patients will appear nausea, vomiting symptoms, mainly because of hypertension, encephalopathy caused by. The cause of the disease is due to a long spasm of the small arteries in the brain, resulting in an obstruction of the brain's fluid circulation.

4, cardiac complications: most patients with hypertensive nephropathy are left ventricular hypertrophy symptoms, the patient will suffer palpitations, dyspnea, pulmonary edema, etc.. Serious left heart failure, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction symptoms.

After the introduction of the above knowledge, we know the symptoms of the disease, there are four major categories, and this kind of disease, often have effects on the digestive system, has great harm, so, once appear the symptoms, we must promptly to the regular hospital check treatment. Strive for early detection and recovery as soon as possible. If you still need to know more about kidney, can consult our online expert.

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