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How to treat high blood pressure for patients with hypertens

2017-09-24 17:31

With the continuous progress of society, hypertensive nephropathy happened on more and more people, we all know that hypertensive patients can not eat too greasy food, in addition, How to treat high blood pressure for patients with hypertensive nephropathy ?

Hypertensive nephropathy patients should pay attention to diet, low salt (5 grams per day), low animal fat. Hypertension, coronary heart disease in obese people, due to excessive body fat, oppression of the heart, will increase the burden on the heart. Therefore, obese high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, first to control diet, vegetarian-based, in order to achieve weight control. Weight loss, blood pressure will be reduced. Choose low-calorie foods, eat low-fat foods, try to eat vegetable oil. Because vegetable oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, plasma cholesterol will drop, can reduce the incidence of hypertension, coronary heart disease. Animal fat, liver, brain, heart and kidney, butter, bone marrow, roe, milk fat and other foods, with high cholesterol, should eat or eat. Appropriate exercise, within our means, you can choose a small amount of exercise, long time "endurance" of the project exercise. Life rules, to ensure adequate sleep (7 to 8 hours), work and rest.

The above is about how to treat high blood pressure for patients with hypertensive nephropathy, for reference only. Hypertensive nephropathy in patients with different causes, the corresponding diet treatment will be different, specific diet treatment program, or to consult a professional doctor, if there are high blood pressure on the treatment of hypertension nephropathy, you can leave us a message in the bottom, We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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