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How to treat Hypertensive nephropathy accordind to it's stag

2017-09-24 17:27

How to treat Hypertensive nephropathy quickly , I believe that any kidney disease experts do not have a general answer. Kidney disease experts says, hypertensive nephropathy is caused by essential hypertension in benign small arteriosclerosis and malignant arteriosclerosis. In general 40-50 years old in the elderly prone to disease. Clinical hypertension nephritis can be pided into five periods, different times the difficulty of treatment and prognosis is also quite different.

Expert analysis: How to treat Hypertensive nephropathy accordind to it's stage.

First and second stage is a small amount of albuminuria, clinical proteinuria: normal renal function, urine protein loss is relatively minor, according to the patient to give non-drug treatment, so that effective control of blood pressure. Prevent, stabilize or delay the damage to renal function of hypertension. Treatment mainly to control blood pressure, relatively easy to treat.

Third and forth stage is renal dysfunction: stage of treatment is relatively difficult, but after appropriate effective treatment, can still control the disease, prolong life. The use of traditional Chinese medicine essence, the use of special Chinese medicine induced, repair cells, mobilization, migration, homing, differentiation or proliferation, thereby repairing atrophic kidney tissue.

Fifth stage is uremia period: Western medicine treatment of this period will need  dialysis treatment. Because of severe kidney damage, there are generally other complications, poor physical condition, Chinese medicine treatment also has greater difficulties, generally only try to control. So kidney disease experts to remind patients, for kidney disease must early detection and early treatment, try to avoid delay caused serious consequences.

Different stages need different treatment, in order to get the best treatment. Above is on How to treat Hypertensive nephropathy accordind to it's stage, we should pay attention to their condition, in different periods to take a different treatment.

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