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How to take antihypertensive drugs for hypertensive nephropa

2017-09-19 16:45

Kidney disease is usually caused by hypertension, usually say renal hypertension, the main reason is the substantial damage of kidney, the kidney function decline, including water and sodium excretion function also decreased, causing water and sodium retention in the blood vessel, the blood volume growth, thus induce hypertension. The fact is that the incidence of hypertension in patients with kidney disease is very high, and the worse the renal function, the higher the incidence of hypertension.

How to take antihypertensive drugs for hypertensive nephropathy does not damage the kidneys?

According to statistics, the prevalence of hypertension in patients with chronic kidney disease in different periods is relatively high in china:

Renal function 1-2 stage, this stage renal function is not too big damage, the incidence of hypertension in 44.2%-65.2%;

The 3 stage of renal function began to be renal failure, and the incidence of hypertension was 75.6%-81.2%;

The 4 stage of renal function is in the stage of renal failure, and the incidence of hypertension increases to 86.1%;

To uremia (5 stage), the incidence of hypertension is as high as 91%, that is, 9 out of every 10 patients with high blood pressure. Much higher than the incidence of nephropathy. In addition, hypertensive patients are also at high risk of kidney disease, and patients with long history of hypertension (10 years or more) have higher rates of kidney damage. Early manifestation of abnormal urine routine.

The blood pressure is elevated, so you must take antihypertensive drugs. Patients commonly used antihypertensive drugs, mostly 24 hours long effect, and in the time of taking medicine is not very specific. The drug instructions also say two or three times a day. But you know what? Taking antihypertensive drugs in the evening is more conducive to the stability of blood pressure, and has a good effect on the protection of renal function and the reduction of cardiovascular complications.

To eat antihypertensive drugs, there is still have time regulations?

The blood pressure of normal people is rhythm of time, showing obvious diurnal fluctuation. That is to say, the amount of blood pressure that wakes up in the morning is higher than that in the evening. At 6 a. m. in the morning, the blood pressure peaked at 4 p.m. -8 p.m. -6. The lowest point is at 2 a.m. -3.

But men with high blood pressure often do not have this rhythm, and some people have higher blood pressure at night than during the day. But if you do not take the medicine at night, the result of high blood pressure, the consequences are really...... Therefore, at least one antihypertensive drug can be transferred to the evening, such as valsartan or losartan, such as valsartan, telmisartan, losartan, and Benner Pury. But not all antihypertensive drugs are good for eating at night, such as diuretics.


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